What We Do

Welcome to Adobephotoshop Clipping Path (ACP)

Adobephotoshop Clipping Path (ACP) is a Graphics Design, Prepress & Desktop Publishing outsourcing company based in Santa Clara, California, USA with an offshore digital graphics editing and prepress design studio, in South Asia (Indian Subcontinent). ACP closely works with large catalog companies, image studios, prepress business, graphic design firms, and commercial photographers to provide unique outsourcing service with better value, i.e. greater quality and professional service at low price. ACP is dedicated to provide premium service to its clients with low cost as well as generate income opportunity for developing countries in the Indian Subcontinent.
ACP combines multi-displinary professionals who are highly skilled at providing quality services. Our professionals come both from USA as well as from the Indian Subcontinent. We are merely a design-based company, our business oriented approach, and understanding of your business makes us unique. Other than designing, we also provide some other value added services that we believe would help our clients gain competitive advantage.