We do high-end image clipping path on digital images for all. Our pars have been utilized for many years in the most demanding image clipping path applications; the skilled craftsmen have been setting the worldwide standard in the service for over a decade.

In the image industry, high quality image work need high quality clipping path work, which is also called outline, silo, knock-out, masking… etc. We can design and deliver stock or custom for both low and high volume orders.

We are a flexible, low-cost and hard-working service team to assist graphic designers’ path-making process in graphic design and catalog making projects. No rush fee! Every image is unique; please contact us for a free quote.

Clipping Path Service:

Graphic designer team at is trained to support you and provide the worry-free hand-drawn path work on digital images. We have clipped images like complex jewelries, furniture, models, large helicopters, industrial parts, native American feather decorations, bicycles, electric fans, cars, brushes, hairs, line arts and what not.

We are confident about our quality and fast pace service. Our customers love to establish long term relationships by judging our high quality work that is fast turnaround and unbelievable low price.

Color Path Service:

Image masking is one of the most necessary pre-production work of graphic design and used for background removal of any complex image. When Photoshop pen tool do not work to do image outlining, Photoshop masking is used to knockout the background of such images. Images with blur edge or transparent glass and plastic type materials and things like fur or flying hair need image masking service. So photographers, digital studio owners if these tasks bore you are kill your valuable time; feel free to outsource such less creative task to us. While you spend your time on creative exploration we will deliver the desired work at the best price available in the graphic platform. Photoshop Masking is further useful when clipping path alone is not applicable on hair, fur, or semi transparent or translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon & muslin, etc. They are of two types:

complex Layer & Alpha Channel Masking and Transparent/Translucent Masking.

Color Masking  Service:

Multi-Clipping path or Color Correction Masking Services or in short Color mask is one of the special service of With this service you will not only change the color of each item in your photograph but also successfully perform multiple filling or all form of opacity change, add filters & effects, do rotational change of manipulate the size of an item of your image in a photograph. Add filters & effects can be applied for photo enhancement. Individual components of an image can be changed in terms of color level, multiple filling, transform in any form in terms of opacity change, change in size, rotation and more. In addition, various filters & effects can be applied for photo enhancement. You can actually do a lot of individual image component adjustment in a single image to give it a very fresh new look.

With multiple Clipping Path option, you can create a number of layers in Photoshop. Items or products image that require Multiple Clipping Path are GIF & Flash composite animation, fashion catalogues, products of e-commerce websites, materials/images of fashion design, catalogue of Web template design and more. Maximum Turnaround Time for each image completion depends on complexity and variability of the image.